Tantalus Estate Vineyard 

'Divine Lighting' - An excerpt from Interior Magazine Dec-Feb 2016-17 - Written by Camille Khouri

Credit for this sparkling effect is due to James Russ and his team who took sketches from Cheshire Architect, Emily Priest and created these remarkable lights using uprooted vines from the estate and more than 4,500 miniature LEDS, handwoven into the vines with exposed copper wire. Despite the organic material, these are very high-tech lights, with LED drivers hidden within the fixtures and high CRI LED bulbs used to ensure the food looks its best. A skeletal structure of solid brass holds the vines together. To make the junctions for these, Epsilon 3D-printed the mould, then investment-cast them, then poured molten brass into the cavities. This meticulous process gave the parts an aged, textured look. When Epsilon ran low on brass, they bought out all the brass taps at local hardware stores and used those. "They were looking at me like I was crazy," says Russ. "Its a real kiwi ingenuity story really, using basic materials to create fine art."